BRAVSEC has a Training Center that is certified by ANAC to provide courses in aviation security and to provide certification for professionals already involved in or interested in working in AVSEC.

Aviation security certification results from the evaluation of criteria established in regulations, constituting a formal acknowledgement by ANAC or on its behalf that a person has the skills and competences needed to perform aviation security activities to the level required in the specific ANAC regulation.

And in order to obtain an aviation security certificate from ANAC, a professional must successfully fulfill the approval criteria established in the legislation, and will then be qualified to work in this area.

BRAVSEC prepares its own material for its AVSEC courses, which may include computer-based modules, training manuals, course books, slides, and other learning aids for the training process.

The training and refresher courses in Civil Aviation Security Inspection include theoretical and practical training, which are both conducted at the BRAVSEC Training Center.

The aviation security certification offered by BRAVSEC qualifies professionals to work in aviation security in Brazil or in Brazilian airspace, according to the pertinent regulations.

We are currently giving the following courses for the certification of civil aviation security professionals:

1 - Aviation Security for Passengers

This course covers passenger services at check-in, the identification and acceptance of checked baggage, supervising the flow of passengers from the departure area to the aircraft, identification and control of access to the aircraft, and protection of the sterile area or aircraft.

2 - Aviation Security for Air Cargo

This course provides training in screening of catering and stores, in-flight services, screening of checked cargo, mail, and luggage, consolidation of security clearance for flights, protection of the sterile area or aircraft, and receipt and identification of cargo or mail in the secure handling chain.

3 - Aviation Security for Ground Handling Operations

This course provides advanced training in screening of catering and stores, in-flight services, screening of checked cargo, mail, or baggage, and protection of the sterile area or aircraft.

4 - Basic Aviation Security

This is the basic aviation security course, which covers several fundamental topics in the area. It must be taken before other aviation security courses, ensuring professionals have all the basic knowledge required to grow and develop professionally in the field of civil aviation security.

5 - Civil Aviation Security Inspection

This course qualifies professionals to work in airport control and surveillance and to conduct security inspections of catering and supplies, mail, and baggage, to work in security clearance, aircraft security sweeps, passenger screening, and aircraft inspection.

6 - Aviation Security for Air Carriers

This course provides consolidated training on security clearance for flights, supervision and assurance of the implementation of security controls and response measures by air carriers in Brazilian territory or airports/aerodromes, supervision and assurance of the implementation of the security controls covered in the security program for accredited air freight forwarders, supervising and overseeing the inspection and screening of passengers and baggage, performing aviation security quality control activities for air carriers, and other activities.

7 - Aviation Security for Airport/Aerodrome Operators

This course gives professionals the skills to evaluate airport civil construction plans in terms of their compliance with aviation security guidelines for the planning and building of airport infrastructure.


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