Our mission, vision, and values.


To offer domestic and international customers in the airline industry the highest quality ground handling services, repaying them for the trust they place in us.


To be recognized as a competent, reliable company that provides the best ground handling services for civil aviation.


BRAVSEC's management is aware that the key to success lies in the spontaneous contribution of each member of the organization, which leads to the constant maturing of a corporate culture on all organizational levels.

In this context, our institutional values are:

Customer orientation – By planning and executing all our activities with a view to fulfilling our customers' needs and expectations, thereby ensuring customer satisfaction and loyalty.

Innovation – By adopting novel policies in line with the current legislation in Brazil and abroad.

Competitiveness – By maximizing the effectiveness and efficiency of our processes, methods, and best practices.

Improvement – By investing in professional and personal growth and valuing the importance of continuous development, transformation, and improvement.

Objectiveness – By focusing on attaining the best operational, economic, and financial results.

Responsibility – By ensuring we have the capabilities to undertake our activities and taking full responsibility for all our actions and decisions.

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