BRAVSEC is a Brazilian company specialized in the provision of ground handling services for the civil aviation industry, based on the regulations issued by the Brazilian civil aviation authority, ANAC, in resolution 116, of October 20, 2009.

BRAVSEC is a member of the Brazilian civil aviation industry and complies fully with all requirements of the country's civil aviation regulatory body, ANAC.

Ground handling service providers work exclusively in airports and acquire operational expertise in large, medium-sized, and small airports and aerodromes.

BRAVSEC has its own training center, where it passes on all its operational expertise in airport services, especially in the area of aviation security.

BRAVSEC is run by highly qualified professionals committed to offering the best ground handling services for domestic and international civil aviation. With extensive experience in the Brazilian civil aviation industry, we are capable of providing differentiated services of the highest quality.

We have a team of highly skilled professionals with decades of experience in civil aviation and a wide range of expertise in training, administration, operations, and regulations in the civil aviation industry.

BRAVSEC is authorized by ANAC to operate in the following areas:

1) PROTECTION SERVICES – Surveillance, detection of prohibited items, identification of passengers and employees, protection of security restricted areas, and other ground handling services for aircraft, crews, passengers, baggage, and cargo to protect civil aviation services against acts of unlawful interference in the airport environment.

2) OPERATIONAL SERVICES - Orientation, organization, ground handling and maneuvering of aircraft, and orientation, organization, and handling of crews, passengers, baggage, and cargo when on the ground. The activities involve receiving passengers, guiding and organizing their boarding/deplaning, airside transportation, cargo handling, protection and security for checked baggage and cargo when on the ground, aircraft cleaning, etc.

3) COMMERCIAL SERVICES - Services for crews, passengers, and freight forwarders in civil aviation, including arranging the sale of air freight transport, with the emission of the respective airway bill.

4) EMERGENCY SERVICES - Services for the orientation, organization, preparation, and maneuvering of aircraft, and the orientation, organization, and handling of crews, passengers, baggage, and cargo for aviation emergency situations on the ground, within an eight-kilometer radius from the aerodrome.

BRAVSEC's management understands that success is only achieved through the correct and efficient use of resources, assuring competitiveness and customer satisfaction and loyalty.

We have a coordination and control system that enables us to respond promptly and adequately to events or incidents that take place in the course of business.

BRAVSEC maintains high levels of effectiveness and efficiency thanks to its operational experience in small, medium-sized, and large airports, which sets it apart in the context of civil aviation in Brazil, as does its Training Center.

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